P3 Party People Podcasting 

Episode 0: Getting to Know the hosts : Mark Fortier and Pete Isaacs are veteran entertainers guiding you into the elements of the special event process. Certified in professional event management, Pete, has studied the event industry for over 30 years, and Mark, trained by Pete has brought himself to the top of the event entertainment field. They know it’s a daunting task planning your event be it, a wedding, corporate event, birthday party, mitzvah, school event, holiday party, wrap party, team building, company picnic, the event list is endless. With wisdom, experience, and top vendors in their field ; all brought together here to help you plan, choose, and trust the correct vendor. What you should be looking for to make your event as successful as possible , with funny anecdotes and stories  provided throughout makes these podcasts easy to listen too.


Episode 1 : Timeline :   The importance of making and executing a timeline of an event.


Episode 2 : Photographer :   Importance of  an event photographer. Guest, Shannon Treglia of Shannon’s Photography: Part 1 of our 2


Episode 3 : Photographer :    Importance of  an event photographer .  Guest Shannon Treglia of Shannon’s Photography: Part 2 of our 2


Episode 4 : Frequently asked questions : All the important questions asked before booking a vendor.


Episode 5 : A bride to be : Guest , Mikael Lewis asks some questions about her upcoming wedding.


Episode 6 : Add-ons to your event : Other things clients are asking for on the event.


Episode 7 : Party Coordinator : Guest, Jennifer Isaacs one of Los Angeles top coordinators.


Episode 8 : Post Bride : Ashley previous bride lets our listeners in on what to look for when planning a wedding.


Episode 9 : Dancer : Guest, Lori Veurink lets you find out what dancers can bring to an event to make it even more special.


Episode 10 : Disc Jockey : Guest Randy Kort , Top in his field Randy goes over what to look for when booking a DJ in corporate world , another view point.


Episode 11 : Production Specialist : An educational chat with  Mike McDonald in events.


Episode 12 : Wrap Up : On what makes your party successful.